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A broken heart | #troogblog 005

So much has happened, so little has been done. A couple of days ago, she discovered she was still in love, the same old love. Or else it wouldn’t hurt at all. Her wound has had a long time to heal, so the pain didn’t stayed that long. She wasn’t too surprised by the news. It is what it is. Pigs will always be pigs.

The good side of the story is that inspiration knocked on her door again. She wrote, she drew, she’s just missing a song. Soon.

Here I leave you a small piece of her poetry. Read aloud, drink some wine, play some Handel, take your time.


You were once my love
Once, I was your lover
Heart misunderstood
Burning undercovered

Coal dust in your hands
Unexpected bloom
Fly, sky, wings
Sink, mud, boots

Dress my despair
Lusty reflection
Touches unconquered
Battle unnamed

Sour old wine
Uncraving temptation
Again seems a whisper
No kiss, automate

Once, you were my love
Aztec marigolds
Creaking playground’s cover
I was once your lover