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Sugar rush | #troogblog 006

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Walking up the street, coming back with her laundry after a whole week of putting it off. Crazy man passes by her side muttering God-knows-what and she doesn’t even flinch, she feels so out of this world as well right now. Time to pay for ingesting that much sugar.

She gets to the apartment, lies on her bed, plugs the computer on… let the typing begin. Yesterday was definitely a crazy day. She missed her first and second classes while trying to work out before going downtown to buy a pair of gigantic milkshake glasses for her new video. She managed to exercise for 10 minutes before giving up, trying to finish a poem she had recently written: Once.

Morning was lost. She went to her third and last class at 1.20 p.m., then headed downtown and looked for hours until she found the glasses. She came back home, ordered a pizza for later, rushed to the supermarket, bought everything needed and finally went home for good. She bathed, dressed, got the pizza and began the Gilmore Girls’ Marathon with her roomie’s and roomie’s boyfriend’s help. They prepared giant milkshakes, spicy chopped oranges, Kool-Aid pitcher, butter popcorn, spread tons of candies and junk food on top of 4 cardboard boxes and placed the computer at the middle. Netflix was on. Shoots were taken and eventually, five Gilmore Girls episodes gave way to the dawn. Bellies bursting, hearts pounding, muscle spasms. They finally went to sleep at nearly 5 a.m.

She woke up exhausted, it had been a tough, expensive and fattening day. Although, definitely worth it. Can’t wait to see it all edited and up.

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