The provocative Stefan Sagmeister

I was at my Art History class the other day, the teacher was showing a bunch of famous artists and designers through out time and their works. One of them was a photo with a naked man full of scars on it. It was a bit shocking but, what isn’t nowadays? It wasn’t until our professor began telling the story that I was blown away by such audacity and radicality.

May I introduce you to Stefan Sagmeister, graphic designer. So yes, the picture your about to see is actually a poster designed in 1999 for the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA), in an attempt to represent the pain and suffering that a designer experiences with each of his projects. He asked an intern to carve the event’s information directly on his skin, so the scars became the ink. Sick, but definitely attention worthy.

Sagmeister Aiga 2

Now look at his design firm’s (Sagmeister & Walsh) team photo, which was available at their website in 2016.


They have some balls don’t you think? 😉 LOL. Anyways, he’s a really interesting guy with really interesting work, you should check him out (leave some useful links at the end). Let me know what you think in the comments. Here’s some more of him, enjoy!




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The Boring Days, Troogblog

Remodeling gone wrong | #troogblog 002

She’s talented, beautiful and intelligent, but was granted lazy genes at birth, hence becoming a proud inhabitant of Nowhere at age 28. Surrounded by cardboard boxes, bags of a month’s trash and misplaced objects such as those red flip-flops over the yoga mat, or the feet powder on top of her bed’s wooden legs -which she cut months ago-, she ponders on beginning her homework: designing and building a model of a vending cart. She decides to sit and share with you -the one reading this procrastinative words- everything she did through out her day instead.

She got up at 7.30 a.m., bladder’s fault. While peeing, she couldn’t help but stare at the wall and decided to mask it to apply the last color. She’s been painting the whole week a quite strident op art pattern but nothing has turned out as envisioned.

It all started with her weekly vlog where she would remodel her tiny, ugly, depressing bathroom in the course of a day. Idiot. Of course a day wasn’t enough, not even a week -as she discovered afterwards-. But time hasn’t been the only setback: she got the ceiling’s color wrong, some parts of the wall are ripping along with the color when unmasking and today she faced the worst of problems.

After masking and painting and sleeping til’ noon, she managed to drag herself to the gym for an hour. Then, once she was back and the unmasking began, she realized the grey has been absorbed by the fluorescent areas, making it look way too sloppy. Fortunately, the concept behind it is decadence and underground and nuts, so she knows there are still ways to fix it. She remembers the lesson from one of her first design courses: if you fuck up, blame it on the design and make it look as if you did it on purpose.

She grabbed a bite after the incident, then took her clothes to the laundry and finally stayed at her apartment cleaning and preparing everything for the last shots for tomorrow, when the blog is due. Doubts crawl her mind. Will she post the vlog on time? And most importantly, will she finish her design project? Everything is piling up, time included. She’s starting to regret spending 3 hours watching videos and chilling. Like I said: lazy, lazy genes.

But don’t worry. She’s got it. Just give her a chance.