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Remodeling gone wrong | #troogblog 002

She’s talented, beautiful and intelligent, but was granted lazy genes at birth, hence becoming a proud inhabitant of Nowhere at age 28. Surrounded by cardboard boxes, bags of a month’s trash and misplaced objects such as those red flip-flops over the yoga mat, or the feet powder on top of her bed’s wooden legs -which she cut months ago-, she ponders on beginning her homework: designing and building a model of a vending cart. She decides to sit and share with you -the one reading this procrastinative words- everything she did through out her day instead.

She got up at 7.30 a.m., bladder’s fault. While peeing, she couldn’t help but stare at the wall and decided to mask it to apply the last color. She’s been painting the whole week a quite strident op art pattern but nothing has turned out as envisioned.

It all started with her weekly vlog where she would remodel her tiny, ugly, depressing bathroom in the course of a day. Idiot. Of course a day wasn’t enough, not even a week -as she discovered afterwards-. But time hasn’t been the only setback: she got the ceiling’s color wrong, some parts of the wall are ripping along with the color when unmasking and today she faced the worst of problems.

After masking and painting and sleeping til’ noon, she managed to drag herself to the gym for an hour. Then, once she was back and the unmasking began, she realized the grey has been absorbed by the fluorescent areas, making it look way too sloppy. Fortunately, the concept behind it is decadence and underground and nuts, so she knows there are still ways to fix it. She remembers the lesson from one of her first design courses: if you fuck up, blame it on the design and make it look as if you did it on purpose.

She grabbed a bite after the incident, then took her clothes to the laundry and finally stayed at her apartment cleaning and preparing everything for the last shots for tomorrow, when the blog is due. Doubts crawl her mind. Will she post the vlog on time? And most importantly, will she finish her design project? Everything is piling up, time included. She’s starting to regret spending 3 hours watching videos and chilling. Like I said: lazy, lazy genes.

But don’t worry. She’s got it. Just give her a chance.

The Boring Days, Troogblog

And so it begins… | #troogblog 001

There she is, sitting on the couch, waiting for the muses to strike… but they don’t. She never thought making her dreams come true was going to be so hard, so exhausting. It was 3.30 a.m. when she finally gave up on her project and went to sleep. The design wasn’t getting any closer to a decent solution, what was the point on something beautiful without being different in essence?

So she head off to her room where her roomie was sleeping deeply. She needed to wake up at 6.30 a.m. to reach class, but without homework it was worthless. She stayed home and decided to wake up early anyways. She was up at 8.30, ignoring her eyelids  begging for bed. She sat down and finally finished reading her second book of the year, which inspired her to resume her blogging attempts. She spent the next hour tweaking the site until it felt right. If she’s to become a writer and a blogger and a vlogger, she needs to write and blog and vlog.

Bad thing she couldn’t go to the gym nor do T25 this time, her belly ached so much due to her period. But there are no dead moments anymore, every single minute is precious and each second helps to build the following one. If you work hard now, you will start in a better position next, and so on. That’s why she began working on the remodeling of the bathroom. Paint was hard for the nose but she still worked very hard. Then it was time for editing this week’s video, although she wasn’t done shooting it. The plan was to advance in order to facilitate the job later since she was going to be buried in homework this weekend.

After all that hard work, she treated herself to some Gilmore Girls and YouTube videos before writing the words you are reading right now. It’s 2.20 a.m. so she must wrap it up. Maybe she will start reading a new book before finally hitting the pillow. That was her day, productively boring, bloody and gymless.

Tomorrow looks even busier.


The Beauty Of Prejudice

How would you define prejudice? For me it is that notion of knowing what’s behind the looks of someone you meet for the very first time. It’s letting your previous experiences, your knowledge, background and intuition to determine what you indeed couldn’t possibly know. The most important of all: it is an involuntary response.

Usually, prejudice is considered a bad thing since we shouldn’t get carried away by preconceptions. Don’t get me wrong, I agree. Not being able to control the arise of prejudices is one thing, but allowing them to dictate the way you conduct amongst others is to limit yourself.

But I’m not here to write about the obvious

My family has a small business. I was helping the other day at the cash register when an old lady came in carrying what seemed to be her grandchild. Her clothes were shabby. She walked around for a while and asked for some information. I gave it to her, of course, but I must confess I addressed her out of mere politeness since I didn’t think she would actually buy a thing. After a while, she left the place. I knew it. Ten minutes later, lady comes back and makes the biggest purchase of the day.

Another time, I met this pretty-eyes guy. We were about to travel to another state together (plus a couple of friends) and we didn’t even knew each other. He was nice and outgoing, but kind of goofy and nerdy. In my mind, he was a wanna be intellectual, a fraud. Can’t describe it quite well, but something in his manners, in his smart-sounding fillers and his philosophical points of view… he was trying too hard.

On our ride bus back, we ended up sitting next to each other and suddenly the magic began. Not in a romantic-love kind of way, I’m talking about the fulfilling pleasure of a great conversation. Somehow we began sharing thoughts on travel. His intellectual airs didn’t surprise me anymore, most people feel kings of the world after strolling a bit round the globe -it happened to me too-. But, my mind was taken aback when he started his story of the time he half-crossed Mexico and Central America on a bicycle. He really knew interesting things when most of the time we are surrounded by snobs. Anyways, that conversation was definitely worth my sleep (we talked from 12 am til we fell asleep at about 3 am).

What I’m trying to say is that without my prejudice, neither of both events could have awed me so. I love people and experiences that destroy my prejudices, it’s my favorite kind of surprises. That’s the same reason why I try to destroy other people’s preconceptions too. It’s a learning process, and I hope someday it will become a learning cycle. I dream of the day that we all live such rich experiences and epiphanies that sharing meaningful conversations becomes the norm and not just a stroke of good luck.

Thanks for reading. Wish you all a weekend of prejudice destruction 😉

Peace, love, fire,

Angie Troog 🔥

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The Perks Of Being Normal

It’s been said that the perfect hero of a good story is either an extraordinary human on an ordinary environment, or an ordinary human facing extraordinary circumstances. But what happens when you are just a normal dude with zero trouble in your life, ordinary facing the ordinary?

The most interesting people I’ve met have gone through really tough moments. You see, humans grow via solving problems: the more you face, the more you learn, the more unique anecdotes you have to share. So at first, when I figured this out, I cursed my good luck! I wasn’t struggling with money, I did well at school, my parents loved (and love) me, I didn’t grow at a dangerous neighborhood, etc. Everything was too smooth but couldn’t do much about it.

Then, I cursed my mediocrity. I was into every activity you could possibly think but didn’t stand out in any of them. I didn’t focus, didn’t grind, weren’t disciplined enough. I used to quit as soon as I got bored. Bottom line: I was average as hell.

One day, it hit me

That was actually my problem! I needed to find a way to create my own growing opportunities amid “average”. I also realized that was why most people overreact and create their own dramas over the stupidest things sometimes: how else can such monotony be bared?

But if we can create our own disasters, I might as well make it worth it. I wasn’t gonna settle for lovers quarrels or boring gossips or classic pregnancy. I wanted real never-seen-before fire, and this beautiful blog amongst a bunch of other also-beautiful things going on in my life are due to that blaze.

So even if your life is as normal and boring as mine was, you can switch it up as soon as you decide to take the boredom as a challenge. Be brave, find the right spices for you, upgrade your flavour…

And remember: not everyone can handle hot sauce 😉

Peace, love, fire,

Angie Troog

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Don’t Be Just A Statistic

Everyday I see a million faces in this beautiful but overpopulated city. Most of them, if not all, will fade away just a few minutes later (I’d be the worst secret agent ever). Then it hits me: average equals insignificant. Inspirational quotes repeat over and over again how everybody is special and unique. The truth is all human beings were born to be special, but they rarely are.

The reason why I say this is because standing out -for the vast majority- is not part of our default mode. We actually choose to personalize our features in order to shine. Statistical experts think of humans as numbers, they abstract them to simplify their work. When a person fits into statistical patterns, he/she turns into something simple, easy to figure out and with little magic to offer to the world. It’s no longer a person but just an abstraction of one.

I don’t wanna be a number. I wanna be carved in the memory of time itself. I choose to be complex. I refuse to be statistic. But how? What can I do after making that choice?

What I’ve noticed on all of those faces I mentioned before is lack of passion, insecurity (even self-loathe), absence and repetition. But the main characteristic is a look without purpose. They seem to live just because they breath, not because they want to. An automated existance.

That said, the answer to my own question is to find a worth-dying-for purpose, walk your own path, be present and be passionate about every single moment of your life, and for that, you must create the most amazing ones each day. Just burn, burn, burn!

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Peace, love, fire,

Angie Troög


It’s Time For Some Changes… Again

The whole idea of starting this daily dose of posts was to stop my procrastination and develop the habit of writing. Unfortunately, even though I’m doing well in quantity, my posts suck. I hate mediocrity, that’s why I decided to cut back the number of posts per week and stay at 3.

Also, I want to give a concept to the blog. I love storytelling but that’s not enough. Which is why I thought of “INTERESTING” as a theme, you know how I love that too. I’ll be writing about some of the most interesting lives, anecdotes, experiences, places, books, etc. I come across with. But also I will give some insight on why and how to embrace interesting in every aspect of your life. I’m not gonna lie, I feel quite excited about this.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still post about my life when days get crazy 😉

Posts will be on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays now. Hope you enjoy the new content 🙂 Actually, let me know if you do!

Love, peace and fire,

Angie Troog

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A quickie…

Today was exhausting. I finally used my camera for the first time and went all over my hometown, jumping on a pogo stick which I managed to tame at the end. I’ll probably have bruises all over my body and I expect it to be pretty sore too.

Anyways, I promise an extended post tomorrow, right now I just wanna lay down and sleep for hours. See you guys tomorrow 😉