The provocative Stefan Sagmeister

I was at my Art History class the other day, the teacher was showing a bunch of famous artists and designers through out time and their works. One of them was a photo with a naked man full of scars on it. It was a bit shocking but, what isn’t nowadays? It wasn’t until our professor began telling the story that I was blown away by such audacity and radicality.

May I introduce you to Stefan Sagmeister, graphic designer. So yes, the picture your about to see is actually a poster designed in 1999 for the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA), in an attempt to represent the pain and suffering that a designer experiences with each of his projects. He asked an intern to carve the event’s information directly on his skin, so the scars became the ink. Sick, but definitely attention worthy.

Sagmeister Aiga 2

Now look at his design firm’s (Sagmeister & Walsh) team photo, which was available at their website in 2016.


They have some balls don’t you think? 😉 LOL. Anyways, he’s a really interesting guy with really interesting work, you should check him out (leave some useful links at the end). Let me know what you think in the comments. Here’s some more of him, enjoy!




More Information:


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