The Boring Days, Troogblog

And so it begins… | #troogblog 001

There she is, sitting on the couch, waiting for the muses to strike… but they don’t. She never thought making her dreams come true was going to be so hard, so exhausting. It was 3.30 a.m. when she finally gave up on her project and went to sleep. The design wasn’t getting any closer to a decent solution, what was the point on something beautiful without being different in essence?

So she head off to her room where her roomie was sleeping deeply. She needed to wake up at 6.30 a.m. to reach class, but without homework it was worthless. She stayed home and decided to wake up early anyways. She was up at 8.30, ignoring her eyelids  begging for bed. She sat down and finally finished reading her second book of the year, which inspired her to resume her blogging attempts. She spent the next hour tweaking the site until it felt right. If she’s to become a writer and a blogger and a vlogger, she needs to write and blog and vlog.

Bad thing she couldn’t go to the gym nor do T25 this time, her belly ached so much due to her period. But there are no dead moments anymore, every single minute is precious and each second helps to build the following one. If you work hard now, you will start in a better position next, and so on. That’s why she began working on the remodeling of the bathroom. Paint was hard for the nose but she still worked very hard. Then it was time for editing this week’s video, although she wasn’t done shooting it. The plan was to advance in order to facilitate the job later since she was going to be buried in homework this weekend.

After all that hard work, she treated herself to some Gilmore Girls and YouTube videos before writing the words you are reading right now. It’s 2.20 a.m. so she must wrap it up. Maybe she will start reading a new book before finally hitting the pillow. That was her day, productively boring, bloody and gymless.

Tomorrow looks even busier.


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