The Perks Of Being Normal

It’s been said that the perfect hero of a good story is either an extraordinary human on an ordinary environment, or an ordinary human facing extraordinary circumstances. But what happens when you are just a normal dude with zero trouble in your life, ordinary facing the ordinary?

The most interesting people I’ve met have gone through really tough moments. You see, humans grow via solving problems: the more you face, the more you learn, the more unique anecdotes you have to share. So at first, when I figured this out, I cursed my good luck! I wasn’t struggling with money, I did well at school, my parents loved (and love) me, I didn’t grow at a dangerous neighborhood, etc. Everything was too smooth but couldn’t do much about it.

Then, I cursed my mediocrity. I was into every activity you could possibly think but didn’t stand out in any of them. I didn’t focus, didn’t grind, weren’t disciplined enough. I used to quit as soon as I got bored. Bottom line: I was average as hell.

One day, it hit me

That was actually my problem! I needed to find a way to create my own growing opportunities amid “average”. I also realized that was why most people overreact and create their own dramas over the stupidest things sometimes: how else can such monotony be bared?

But if we can create our own disasters, I might as well make it worth it. I wasn’t gonna settle for lovers quarrels or boring gossips or classic pregnancy. I wanted real never-seen-before fire, and this beautiful blog amongst a bunch of other also-beautiful things going on in my life are due to that blaze.

So even if your life is as normal and boring as mine was, you can switch it up as soon as you decide to take the boredom as a challenge. Be brave, find the right spices for you, upgrade your flavour…

And remember: not everyone can handle hot sauce 😉

Peace, love, fire,

Angie Troog

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