Don’t Be Just A Statistic

Everyday I see a million faces in this beautiful but overpopulated city. Most of them, if not all, will fade away just a few minutes later (I’d be the worst secret agent ever). Then it hits me: average equals insignificant. Inspirational quotes repeat over and over again how everybody is special and unique. The truth is all human beings were born to be special, but they rarely are.

The reason why I say this is because standing out -for the vast majority- is not part of our default mode. We actually choose to personalize our features in order to shine. Statistical experts think of humans as numbers, they abstract them to simplify their work. When a person fits into statistical patterns, he/she turns into something simple, easy to figure out and with little magic to offer to the world. It’s no longer a person but just an abstraction of one.

I don’t wanna be a number. I wanna be carved in the memory of time itself. I choose to be complex. I refuse to be statistic. But how? What can I do after making that choice?

What I’ve noticed on all of those faces I mentioned before is lack of passion, insecurity (even self-loathe), absence and repetition. But the main characteristic is a look without purpose. They seem to live just because they breath, not because they want to. An automated existance.

That said, the answer to my own question is to find a worth-dying-for purpose, walk your own path, be present and be passionate about every single moment of your life, and for that, you must create the most amazing ones each day. Just burn, burn, burn!

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Peace, love, fire,

Angie Troög


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