Everything in its right place

I’ve been messy and disorganized my entire life, it was something I used to be proud of cause I didn’t want to become like those people who couldn’t function without a system. I don’t like standards or labels or strictness. For me creativity always follows mess and chaos.

I guess for me to be organized and methodic meant taming my mind or something. Now I know that ain’t possible. Furthermore, order helps me focus on what really matters and create more. I learned that while on my third trimester at design school.

One of my teachers taught us to always clear our drawing boards before designing. That way, everything we needed would be at hand and we could focus on what mattered: creating. Little by little I’ve been trying to make this part of my life.

It’s been really hard since I had to get rid of a lifetime habit, but believe, it’s been worth it. Now I can make music, or write, or edit, or film, or draw, or paint, or whatever I want.

In the end, organized and methodic tamed my inefficiencies which led to setting my mind free. You should try it too sometime, find a place for everything in your life. Whether it is a new storage box or the garbage or someone else’s house, figure it out and you’ll begin to witness the magic.

Thank you for reading! Make sure you subscribe 😉 and let me know which team are you: neat or messy?


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