How to live an interesting life

As you know, I just got my new camera and my goal is to make at least one video per week starting this Monday. Yesterday I set myself to do a trial run and discover how hard this will actually be. Not only do I have to learn how to get comfortable while talking to the camera, but also start living the way I’ve always wanted but my laziness never let me to. I can’t record how I sleep til’ noon, then read, then eat, then watch some videos and then sleep some more. I want ACTION!

In order for that to happen, I need to start taking this seriously. I will create a training program to get rid of laziness… or something like that. I’ll design weekly menus (snacks included), write down a food blacklist, a series of short exercises for energy boosting and whatever tricks I may find along the way.

By the way guys, I forgot to mention that I suffer from insuline resistance, which means I don’t process sugar too well, so instead of turning it into energy, it goes to my blood making me fat and sleepy. It sucks. The only way to counteract its effects is by eating low GI foods, that’s where my food blacklist comes in.

Aside from my new diet and workout routine, I need content. I love new experiences, the unkown, adventures, the crazy and weird, but it’s still a challenge to come up with new amazing ideas each week. Cause I don’t want semi-interesting passable vlogs, I want my myself and my viewers to crave for my next videos as I do for Jake’s right now. I want fireworks and awes every single time.

Do you wonder how to live an interesting life? First answer this: interesting for who? You must always aim to make yourself want to read your own life story at the end of each day. At least that’s what I’m planning to do and believe me, I’m quite picky 😉

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Thanks for reading!



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