Let’s start making some money

One of the main things I’m planning for this year is to multiply my money. I love the hedonistic lifestyle so to become independent from my parents, I need to start making a living somehow.

I’m no ordinary person, I won’t get a job as most would suggest. Instead, I’ll think of a series of interesting endeavors such as what I did this morning.

I’ve been garage-saling a few times at my aunt’s house with my cousin. We’ve asked our family for things they no longer use or wear anymore and sold it for whatever price we consider as fair. Unfortunately, we spend it all in nonsense everytime.

We decided to try something new: we took the remaining unsold stuff and went to a street market -we call them tianguis– to try and sell whatever we could. Floor rights cost 50 pesos and we made $450 more or less ($300 net were mine). It’s not much, but it was fun and new. Remember, to me, experience is everything.

Now, I must confess I hate those markets. They are distasteful, make the city look ugly and some are known for piracy or even reselling stolen goods. Of course we went to a decent one, but still. I did it because it helps me not to look down on anyone, to keep on developing an open mind and to experience first hand situations I would like to address through design in a future.

Don’t get me wrong, I still hate those places, but I no longer feel such indiference for those involved, nor do I patronize them. It’s hard to rise so early just to win a spot, to carry a lot of heavy stuff, bear the sun for hours, to risk losing your time and money, etc. It’s not about redemption, since they’re still fucking up the city; it’s about empathy and perspective in order to devise possible solutions to a mess.

You should try it too sometime. Anyways, I’m going to save my earnings this time and figure a way to multiply it. Don’t forget to subscribe for upcoming money-making ideas 😉

P.S. 1: Tomorrow is Kings Day and I’m so excited, hopefully I get my articulated LCD camera and be able to start vlogging!

P.S. 2: From now on, I will place the song of the day at the end of the post (hate how it looks at the top). Don’t forget to play it before reading every post. #melomaniac





Today’s song: Fame And Fortune by The Libertines



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