A 2nd Mexican Revolution?

So, I’ve just started exercising again and I’m totally destroyed. I went for a run yesterday’s morning, then I did Insanity at night, then today I ran again and tonight will do Insanity again and the circle has to go on like this for the next 2 weeks, just before heading off to Mexico City, which is where I study. That’s of course, if I’m allowed to do so…

What the f*** is happening?

For all of you who don’t know, gasoline prices skyrocketed since January 1st here in Mexico, and from that moment on, protesters have been taking highways and tollbooths (carriers, mainly) and gasoline stations and blocking traffic all over the country.

Things have recently gotten worse. A few of them somehow decided that sacking and wrecking commercial stores such as Walmart, Chedraui (mexican chain), toy stores, etc, was a good idea. They’re taking everything possible, some are even armed. It’s getting really ugly.

Now, this is definitely not a political or social blog, this is about my life. Aside from the obvious consequences of inflation, I haven’t been affected directly by any of these situations, meaning that I haven’t seen any violence or gotten stuck in a highway or left without gasoline.

Some influencers and serious people claim that riots are a distraction and a way to stop people from going against the new energy reform. I agree. They also ask for their audiences to peacefully involve themselves in anyway they can: protesting, sharing information, etc. I refuse.

Lack of vision

I think they are fighting for the wrong reasons and thereby for the wrong goals. The real problem is not fuel’s high price, it’s that we are still depending on that kind of fuel: ¡a nonrenewable natural resource!

The day my fellow citizens gather to demand scientific research, development of new energies and independence from our country’s oil reserves, I’ll stand proud and happy by their side. Until then, I’ll focus on writing my own stories, my own fights, my own protests and we’ll see where that takes me.

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Peace everyone, PEACE.




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