It was easier than I thought!

Hello everyone! For all of you who don’t know me, no worries, it’s perfectly normal since I’m not famous or anything… yet 😉 My name is Angélica Beristain, but I prefer Angie Troog (long story and a secret). I’m an industrial design student living in Mexico -for now-. I consider myself citizen of the world and I love collecting interesting stories.

This is my first post in English (my mother tongue is Spanish) for the blog, and I’ll be doing so from now on. I write about my life, I wanted to leave some record of how it all started, cause somehow I know amazing things are about to happen.

For now I’m working on making a better me: eliminating my fat, learning to DO instead of just planning and procrastinating, turning my room and apartment into creative environments, etc. I like too many things, but besides design, I love music, writing, telling stories and making my life a worth-reading one. That’s how antoquía + bouvet was born, but I’ll write about that in the About section of the blog very soon.

Without further ado: welcome to my life.

Make sure you subscribe to the blog, it’ll be worth it. See you tomorrow with my first official blog. Oh, and Happy New Year 🙂

Angie Troog

P.S.: thought this change would be hard but I feel quite confortable. Apologies in advance for any errors tho! xD.



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